For designers

For designers



Showcase your work with the support of a strong community of designers.


Experience total freedom of creativity.


Get paid fairly for your designs.


ct∙studio’s mission is to showcase the work of designers
with original and personal graphic styles that shine.


What kind of pattern designs do we offer?
The designs showcased on ct∙studio are placed designs (logo, illustration…) or seamless repeat patterns. Our studio encourages its designers to embrace their own style and identity so as to offer original and diverse material.
We believe in trends and encourage our designers to follow them. But we also believe that designers should feel free to embrace their own creativity. So designers, feel free to surprise us: ct∙studio thrives on individuality !
Because we want to avoid all possible claims or actions relating to defamation, plagiarism and copyright or trademark infringement, we ask that designers supply only material that is entirely original and does not contain elements from image banks.

Exclusive patterns guaranteed
All patterns available on ct∙studio are exclusive to the platform for at least one year. They must not be up for sale, broadcast or shown to any other client nor on any other platform (all social media included) in order to insure unique and privileged creations for our buyers.

Each pattern is sold only once.
Once the sale is final, the pattern is immediately removed from our catalogue and the buyer becomes the sole owner of the promotion and reproduction rights of the pattern.

Once one of your patterns is sold you will receive a commission of 60% of the selling price within 30 days.

How does it work?
Step 1: Send us an email at to introduce yourself.
Please include a link to your portfolio or website.
Step 2: ct∙studio’s team will examine your work to see if it corresponds to the editorial line of the studio. You will hear from us within 15 days.
Step 3: When your work has been approved by our creative team your contract will be issued. You will have to sign it and return it to us to proceed.
Step 4: We will send you our ‘’Little handbook for designers’’. This guide will help you with all the technical specifications needed to prepare your files.
Step 5: Send us your designs created according to our guidelines. We will upload them to the website.

Your patterns will then be available for sale.